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Miracle drug for asthma patients?

July 16, 2003

Albany-- It's being touted as the miracle drug for asthma sufferers.

Southwest Georgia physicians are waiting for shipments of Xolair--a new injection that promises to block the main cause of allergies. People with severe allergies have to get frequent shots and use other medications to help alleviate symptoms caused by IgE. IgE is a molecule that is the major cause of asthma, hayfever and other problems.

Xolair blocks IgE and removes it from the body. The drug could mean new hope for the worst asthma patients. Allergist Dr. Tracy Bridges says, "I think it could be revolutionary for those patients. I have in my mind a list of very severe patients that I'm kind of waiting to use it on."

The injection is not cheap, it could cost thousands of dollars per shot. The new drug will first be used on people who don't get relief from other medications.

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