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Mysterious explosion leaves residents wondering

July 15, 2003

Damascus- Michael Lackey was paving roads in Damascus Tuesday when something in the sky caught his attention.

"I saw two fighter jets off in the field just kind of mock fighting, dog fighting," Lackey said.

He saw one jet cross over the other one.

"After he went across the top, I heard the sound change and I saw five streaks of smoke in a half moon shape."

 But it was what he saw next that disturbed him most.

"And at that point, one jet shot straight up in the air and I saw one come straight towards the ground, and I don't know which jet it was, but one jet leveled off and headed back in the direction it came from."

 About 15 miles away in Baker County, Matt Roach saw the same thing.

"It looked like they were just playing with each other at first," Roach said. "Me and my buddy joked and said surely they're not about to bomb each other or nothing."

But he didn't see any explosion.

"We never saw that first one again, but the second one, a few minutes later we saw it coming back towards where it came from."

Georgia State Patrol helicopters couldn't find any indication there was a crash here, so for now, the Baker County Sheriff's Department has called off the search.

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