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Albany supports Arts

July 15, 2003

Albany--Downtown Albany got all shook up today for a 1950's musical performance at the Albany Municipal Auditorium.

Marcy McCarty got all dolled up in a vintage 1950's dress and pumps for the big performance. She and her husband Eddie performed "Poodles and Pompadour" for senior citizens with the Golden Key Club. "We just decided we should put something together to collaborate, put our talents together to entertain folks. We think the 50's is a great time that people really enjoyed the music," said Marcy.

Marcy and her husband Eddie are even detailed when it comes to their costumes, choosing authentic pieces from the 1950's time era. Eddie claimed "It just really helps to put us in the mood for this kind of a show to try to have vintage clothing that actually came from the 50's rather than replications now. It just gives it a special dimension."

The audience could not wait to be entertained. "I don't know exactly what's going to happen but I'm excited, expecting a good performance," said audience member, Mary Hylick.

The McCarty's think supporting the arts is especially important in south Georgia. Eddie said "It's one of the components of a successful community. You have to have other things besides the arts. Don't get me wrong but your not going to get where you want to be in economic development without the arts because that's part of your tourists draw."

Events like today's performance will be scarce in this area unless the community stays in support of the arts and entertainment. No matter what it is you like about the arts, remember that it enriches your community.

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