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Cracking down on unlicensed roadside stands

July 15, 2003

Albany - It's easy to spot roadside stands around South Georgia this time of year. Peddlers are selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to flags and t-shirts. Though the small stands may not generate big business, they are still required to have a business license.

For years, John Jordan has been a one man stand. "I sell anything I can get my hands on such as peas, okra, flags, and antique cars," said Jordan. He'll sell anything you'll buy. "I'm 71, and I have to keep myself busy."

Every year, he pays $100 to renew his business license. "I don't mind paying the money," said Jordan. "The government, like me, wants to make money."

But, not all peddlers are as willing to abide by state laws requiring a business license. The city of Albany is cracking down on unlicensed sellers at roadside stands. "If they're caught, they will faces all the rules of the municipal court," said APD Sgt. Robert Carter. "Unlicensed peddlers will likely be fined."

However, farmers who are selling the crops they've grow, don't have to be licensed. "Farmers are allowed to sell without a business license if they're registered through the Department of Agriculture," said Sgt. Carter.

Jordan, a retired Navy man, says the license cost is a small price to pay for to continue doing what he loves best - selling with a smile.

A one day peddler's license, in Albany, cost $50 and a one year business license cost $100.

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