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Preacher hooks up with an Angel

Johnny Hasick Johnny Hasick
Anaheim's Garret Anderson Anaheim's Garret Anderson

July 15, 2003

Chicago-- In one of the most exciting Home Run Derby's in years, a Cairo minister came out the big winner. Johnny Hasick was teamed with Anaheim Angel Garrett Anderson. Because Anderson won the Derby, Hasick won $250,000 toward a new home--and it was a match made in heaven.

The ESPN announcer says, "Johnny Hasick from Cairo Georgia-- I got a house!" He got a house all right-- thanks to one man.

Hasick says, "It was intense and it was gut wrenching." Pastor Johnny Hasick was on the edge of his seat Tuesday night, as the player he was paired up with, Annaheim Angel's slugger Garret Anderson, went head to head with Albert Poujols of the Saint Louis Cardinals.

"Poujols was on a roll and as soon as he got closer and closer to what Garret Anderson had done I just leaned over and pulled my hat over my eyes at one point. And when he hit that line drive and it hit the bottom of the fence I thought yes, yes, yes!!!" In the final round, Anderson hit nine homeruns to Poujouls eight. Now Hasick has a quarter of a million dollars towards a house. But he doesn't have one picked out yet.

"I don't you know what I'm just thrilled that I can go ahead and provide this opportunity for a dream come true for my wife to pick out the dream home she has always longed for." Hasick says it's a good thing they matched an Angel's ball player and a South Georgia preacher for the Home Run Derby, "It was a match made in heaven wasn't it!"

A match made in heaven that is providing a home for this South Georgia man here on earth. After Hasick won the prize, he first thanked God then Century 21 for the victory. The real estate company is the sponsor for the Home Run Derby.

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