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3rd Brigade comes back home

July 13, 2003

Fort Benning- Welcome home posters hanging on every inch of the gym walls couldn't match the excitement on family members faces. Seeing daddy for the first time in months had the children literally jumping for joy.

"I've been crying since the whole time. The first time he went I was crying, crying, crying, now the second time I was crying more," says Laura Morton.

Most had already planned what they would do as soon as their fathers walked through the doors.

"I'm going to tell him everything I drew for him and how I passed to third grade," says Antonio Morton.

"I'm going to scream and go out there and give him a big hug," says Vchanti Carson.

"Holler for daddy," exclaims Brittany Humphrey.

Six months in the desert couldn't compare to the agenda these warriors will face in the months ahead.

"The first thing I know what he's going to do is sit down and relax and watch TV," explains Maraliza Muniz.

"I would like to wrestle with him," adds Cameron Harrell. "Play football," says Carson.

"You're gonna play football," Sgt. Brandon Carson asks his daughter. "Maybe, maybe."

They may have successfully battled deserts and enemies, but the brave men of the 3rd brigade couldn't fight off the emotions of the homecoming.

"Its probably the greatest feeling since she was born. We didn't know if we were coming back or not; it's great. I'm so excited. It even brought tears to my eyes after everything we've been through. I'm just glad to have her finally," says Spc. Joseph Humphrey as he holds little Brittany.

"You know you never get time back. I hope they understand in the future. I love them and hopefully I can get home and love them for those six months I've been gone," adds Spc. Damori Morton.

Though they may not understand what war is and why it took their fathers away, these kids are content just being the little angels that brought their daddies home safely.

This is just one of the homecoming celebrations for the 3rd Brigade. Monday about 200 more troops will make there way back to Fort Benning.

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