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Firemen say you can deter an arsonist

July 12, 2003

Albany- South Georgia arson cases topped headlines over the past week. Some ending with suspects in jail and others ending with a plea for information as to the cause. You may not stop an arsonist, but fireman say you can deter them.

"The biggest thing you can do is just keep the doors and windows locked. Any areas that might be blind to the public try to clear out bushes, and at night try to keep well lit areas to where people can be seen snooping around," says Captain Wayne Lay of the Albany Fire Department.

captain Lay says fires started outdoors are far less successful than those started inside a home or business, especially at night when it may be harder to see flames and smoke.

"It a good thing if they can get with their neighbors and start some kind of neighborhood watch to where if you're going out of town they'll be watching out at your place," adds Lay.

Having a good relationship with neighbors and surrounding businesses could mean the difference between losing a little or losing everything in a blaze.

You should also make sure abandoned buildings are locked and secured to deter arsonists.

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