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Pastor going to the Home Run Derby

July 11, 2003

Cairo - A south Georgia pastor hits a home run on a nationwide contest. He won a trip to the Home Run Derby in Chicago. If he wins the Grand Slam prize, he could come home with money to buy a new house.

Nearly a quarter of a million Americans signed up to win a trip to the Home Run Derby at the All-Star game in Chicago. Pastor Johnny Hasick, says, "It was hard to believe it was really happening."

Hasick was one of eight who didn't strike out. He explains, "First you're really surprised because you think it might be a joke. Then you find out it's the real thing and you get pumped up about it."

Hasick is an average guy who loves baseball. He's also the pastor of Gordon Heights Baptist Church in Cairo, birthplace of Jackie Robinson. He adds, "You start thinking about what about this, what about the possibilities, what if you do win the Home."

Here's how the Home Run Derby works, Hasick will be matched up Monday in Chicago with a baseball player. If his athlete hits the most home runs, Hasick goes home with a new home. But, what if he doesn't win? He smiles and says, "It's cool, I still come out a winner. I'm excited about the possibility of going and enjoying the trip."

Event sponsors, Century 21, will give him up to $250,000 to buy an already built home. Right now, Hasick and his family live in a house owned by the church.

So far, he's already batting a thousand by winning the trip, so come Monday we'll find out if he's still on his hot streak. 

The Home Run Derby is Monday night at seven. The All-star game is Tuesday night at seven.

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