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Migrant worker murdered in Cook County

July 11, 2003

Cook County - Eight migrant workers were asleep inside their mobile home in Lenox when two men stormed inside. "They entered the residence, armed with a gun, and demanded money," said GBI Agent John Heinen. "There was an altercation resulting in one person being shot and killed."

Alberto Ramirez Vasquez died from a gunshot wound, but no one else in the home was injured. About four hours later, a similar robbery just miles away at another trailer park on Highway 37 in Adel. Eloy Hernandez and his family were inside asleep.

"The two men went into the residence, once again armed with a firearm, and demanded money," said Heinen. "No one was killed, but there was an altercation and Mr. Hernandez was hit in the head."

Witnesses gave matching descriptions for the suspects in both cases. "All we know right now is 2 black males, wearing all black clothing, black masks, and armed with a gun," said Heinen.

Heinen says the two are likely connected. "The clothing and physical descriptions are the same, the language used was the same, and the closeness in time and proximity points in that direction," said Heinen.

The suspects are still on the loose, and investigators don't have any leads. If you saw anyone matching their description near either trailer park, investigators ask that you contact the G.B.I. office in Douglas or the Cook County Sheriff's Department.

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