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Regional youth group repaints Albany homes

July 10, 2003

ALBANY -  While many students are enjoying their summer vacation by relaxing in the sun, some are working hard in the summer heat. 

Matt Matthews gives compliments to one of more than thirty youth participating in a week-long Albany work camp as he paints the trim around a window.

"In our society today, people are more concerned with themselves.," Matthews said. "We're trying to teach the kids it's better to help other people first."

He has led youth projects in Dothan for the past six years. The group is now on its fourth Albany home in four days.

"The homeowners come out and spend time with them everyday and have gotten to talk to them," he said.  "It's been a neat event to watch the kids get to know them a little bit better." 

One of those  is Lindsey Kearley. She traveled from Dothan, Alabama to Albany to help in the week-long project.

"It's amazing to see their faces," Kearley said. "To see them turn happy and thankful."  

"It's just... it's fun. I've always loved doing this. It's hard work. But, you have fun doing it."

The volunteers are from churches in Albany, Dothan and Panama City. They also painted the Open Arms home as well as houses on Cedar and Sixth Avenue.

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