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Dougherty Leaders prepare medical plan for possible attacks

July 10, 2003

Albany- America faced one of its worst trajedies on September 11, 2001.

When the Trade Centers collapsed with thousands of people inside, rescue workers, doctors and nurses expected enormous numbers of casualties. In fear of running out of supplies, the federal government deployed the Strategic National Stockpile.

"This is a federal asset that is available in no more than 12 hours," said J. Paul Newell, District Health Director.

The program was developed more than four years ago. It's designed to provide medical supplies to a community throughout a large-scale crisis. After the World Trade Center bombings, the medical supplies were on the scene within seven hours of deployment.

"There were going to be times when the resources of communities from a health and medical perspective would be exhausted very quickly," Newell said.

 The Stockpile contains medicines, antitoxins, chemical antidotes, vaccines and medical supplies and equipment. If a community needs a supply that's not in the stockpile, the government will find it.

 On 9-11, 300-thousand filtration masks were shipped to ground zero to protect workers from air contaminants. Dougherty County leaders are now working to form a team that would handle those medical supplies if we ever needed them.

 Public health has already determined that the supplies would come in to the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

"And we won't have to be worrying about where we can put our hands on them."

And South Georgians won't have to worry about getting adequate medical care. The Dougherty County team plans to begin meeting in about a month.

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