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Man shoots teen, takes mother hostage

July 10, 2003

Americus-- An angry ex-boyfriend forced his way into the woman's house on Ridge Street around 2:00 Thursday morning.

The woman's 15-year-old son tried to fight Keith Johnson off with a baseball bat, but was shot in the thigh. The teen and his eight year old brother managed to escape, but the mother was left behind with Johnson who held her hostage for nearly six hours.

Xavier Carter sits in his Grandfather's car. Trying to save his Mother and brother, Carter used a baseball bat to attack a man who forced his way into their home. He was shot in the thigh with a .357 magnum.

Carter's Grandfather John Carter said "He's going to be fine. The bullet went in and came out, it didn't stop or lodge , it went through him."

After being shot, Xavier and his younger brother ran out of the house and called police. Investigators say 37-year-old Keith Johnson took Janie Carter-Jackson hostage then. Her father says the two had dated for a few months.

Americus and Sumter County law enforcement and the Georgia State Patrol SWAT team surrounded the house while negotiating with Johnson to let his hostage go. Commander Johnny King of the Americus Police said, "One of his requests was that he wanted cigarettes, but other than that he wasn't making any other requests."

Negotiators finally got Johnson the cigarettes he had requested, and at 7:40AM he freed Jackson. She is being treated at the Sumter Regional Hospital.

Carter said "He beat her up pretty bad. She said he beat her with the gun. She's got a lot of scars on her face and arms and body. "

"It had all the makings of a situation we did not want to experience in the Americus area," said King.

At 8:00AM, Keith Johnson told Police he was giving himself up. He had handcuffed himself. Keith Johnson is being charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping.

Keith Johnson is originally from the Miami Area. He recently lost his job at Cooper Lighting in Americus.

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