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College grads should look consolidating loans

July 9, 2003

Albany- Many of you spend years paying off college loans.  If you've got more than one, now is the time to look at consolidating.

Thousands of students across the country are taking advantage of record-low interest rates. Consolidation allows borrowers to lower their payments and make adjustments to the terms of their loans. Most students are candidates for consolidation.

"If they have more than one loan, then are usually looking at the variable rate that may change. But if they could get a fixed rate, at 3.42 percent or lower each student graduating would be a candidate and a student that's in repayment as well," said Kathleen Caldwell, Albany State University's director of financial aid.

You can only consolidate your loans once under federal law, but you can do it at any time. To start the process, call 1-800-448-3533.

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