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Raising money to build homes in Uganda

July 9, 2003

Americus - President Bush will be in Uganda Friday, touring an AIDS clinic and seeing first-hand the impoverished conditions in that third world country. Some people here in Southwest Georgia also know about the living conditions in Uganda and they are trying to help.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers are frying catfish and serving up barbecue in Americus. They are trying to raise money to build homes half a world away. Habitat Founder, Millard Fuller says, "Our goal in Uganda is the same in South Georgia. We believe every South Georgia family should have a decent place to live. We believe every Ugandan family should have a decent place to live."

A typical home in Uganda has tin pieces nailed together, they'll also use a mixture of mud and grass for material.

Up to nine people will live in a one bedroom home. Uganda native, Victoria Nayiga, says, "I come from the central part of Uganda, five miles away from the capital, that's called Kiwenpay, Kiwenpay town."

Nayiga has worked with Habitat for six years and she says most of the homes look like the one featured at the Global Village in Americus. She says, "An average family in Uganda is about nine people, which is a lot of people for a small house. Most houses don't have water, electricity, they don't have most of the basic stuff so that's not good at all for human survival."

A typical home being built in Uganda by Habitat is 24 by 20 feet, much bigger than the average home. It has a bedroom, pantry, and living room. The living room can be partioned into a second bedroom.

With every plate of food, these caring volunteers are helping people they've never seen. Habitat builds in 89 countries.

Each plate of food at Wednesday's benefit lunch cost five dollars a piece. The fish was caught by volunteers and the food was donated. It costs about $3,000 to build one Habitat home in Uganda.

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