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Valdosta kicks of storm drain awareness program

July 9, 2003

Valdosta - Heavy rains wash waste and pollution into storm drains. Many people think that runoff flows to a waste treatment plant. But they're wrong.

"It's actually going right back into our water supply, so we're drinking it, our kids are swimming in it, and fishing in it," said Emily Perry, RDC Environmental Planner.

But the South Georgia Rural Development Center and local 4-H members have teamed up to help keep our waterways clean. Wednesday, they kicked off a region wide storm drain awareness program.

"It's helping education children, and hopefully they'll spread the word to adults and help improve our overall quality of life," said Perry.

They're marking downtown storm drains to remind people the dangers of polluting. "When you throw your trash out the window, it's washing into those drains and ending up in our water sources," said Perry. "We hope when people see these they'll remember not to litter."

Along with putting out curb markers, the 4-H members are also giving out door hangers, to help raise awareness on storm drain runoff. The door hangers list a few simple ways you can help control the problem.

"The biggest, yet easiest thing you can do is not litter," said Carl Glasscock, 4-H member. "Also, watch out for oil leaks, don't throw away your yard trimmings, and plant trees to help prevent the runoff."

Storm drain awareness programs also kicked off in Lakeland and Statenville Wednesday. Thursday, they'll head to Ocilla and Fitzgerald.

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