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Are the Dog Days here already?

July 8, 2003

Albany-- Even though temperatures were in the lower 90's, it felt more like 100 degrees. For those who work outside, it probably felt even hotter than that.

Some couldn't escape the direct sunlight except for the occasional break in the shade. Official readings are taken in the shade, but the readings you see in front of businesses are not. They are usually higher than the actual temperature.

No matter what the sign says, it was hot outside today and workers of all kinds can vouch for that.

Despite hot temperatures, Kyle Hampson, the Hot dog man in the polyester suit, is keeping his spirits up. "I'm a hot dog, that's for sure," Kyle says.

Hampson spends an hour in the hot summer temperatures to promote hot dogs for Allstar. "Usually by the time I get out of the suit at the end of the day whole shirt soaked, you can see right through it."

It may not be strenuous work, but he does gets a workout. He waves, points and even jumps for drivers. "I try to enjoy myself, besides the heat, try not to think about it too much."

Working in hot temperatures like today is not easy, but when you add hot asphalt, definitely makes the job a whole lot tougher. "It's real hot, stick, burn real bad, touch it," said Roderick Freeman said Outside worker.

Freeman is a street maintenance worker for the City of Albany. The asphalt he deals with in the heat is more than 300 degrees, Fahrenheit. "You have to keep hat on, and shade yourself with a towel if you get hotter. Something to keep cool, drink plenty of fluid."

These men might have different jobs in the summer heat, but their paths crossed today. The maintenance crew got a sympathetic wave from the hot dog man.

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