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MCLB temp hiring is slowed

July 9, 2003

Albany -- Most of those temporary new jobs at the Marine Base in Albany won't being filled right away because of a delay in the arrival of military equipment.

Fifty temporary workers are already on the job at the base Maintenance Center. They were expecting to need 200 new employees on line by the holidays, to repair equipment coming back from the war region. But that equipment is not leaving Iraq as quickly as planned.

The Trades Department Manager, Don Jensen, said "We'll still need to hire quite a few more people. It's just going to stretch out over a longer period of time than we originally anticipated. But that whole situation could change in two weeks. The gear could show up a lot faster, or something could change."

The base human resources personnel say they were overwhelmed with people applying for their temporary job openings. They still expect to add the 200 temporary employees, but not until the equipment from Iraq arrives in Albany.

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