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Albany man killed in accident

July 7, 2003

Albany-- An Albany man is killed when his truck is broad-sided on Moultrie Road.

Moultrie Road resident Edwin Butler says, "Now that something's bad happened they are out here. Why should it take a death for them to realize they need to do something?"

 People who live in the area say people drive too fast and take too many risks on the busy road.

Just after ten Monday morning, 49-year-old Eddie Jean Davis of Albany was driving his Hall-ing Refuse Ford pick-up truck when he was broadsided by a tractor trailer. Davis was killed instantly.

It happened on Moultrie Road, at the intersection of Pecan Lane. People who live in the area say traffic is too fast and some are fearful more people will be killed unless something is done. The Ford pick-up is twisted metal--it took more than an hour for crews to maneuver it out of the embankment along Moultrie Road.

Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek says, "Looking at how far the vehicle was pushed, the skid marks dig in where the tires dug into the embankment, it was a high impact."

The tractor-trailer was behind the pick-up truck traveling southbound on Moultrie Road. The tractor-trailer broadsided the pick-up when it was turning left onto Pecan Lane.   The semi and pick-up traveled 51 feet before coming to a stop in a ditch along Moultrie Road.

Police speculate the driver of the tractor-trailer was trying to somehow pass the Ford pick-up truck. Cheek says, "It's not marked as no passing but it is at an intersection."

And drivers cannot pass at an intersection, but residents of Moultrie Road say they often see people drive recklessly. Butler says, "Way too fast, they drive way too fast. The tractor trailers go 65, 75 mph there is no way you would have a chance on this road."

Edwin Butler has lived here for nine years,"My son's car is right over there he is one of the victims. He was pulling in the driveway and his car got hit." This is the car his son was driving. Thankfully, his son was not hurt, but Butler worries still, "I've got three kids I don't want to see them out here dead. If they are speeding they should get a ticket just like you or me but I don't want to be pulling my son out of the car for something that could be taken care of."

Police check for speeders on Moultrie Road often, and Chief Cheek knows there have been multiple accidents here, "If it's identified as a problem intersection we will along with the Department of Transportation, this is a state route, we will coordinate with them."

So far, no steps have been taken to investigate the safety of the road, but residents here want something done. 41-year-old Harlan Lovett, also an employee of Hall-ing Refuse, was a passenger in the pick-up and is in serious condition at Phoebe Putney Hospital.

Police do not know if Davis used his turn signal when he turned onto Pecan Lane, but police say the signal was working. Charges are pending against the driver of the tractor-trailer, 65-year-old Herman Holland of Lake City, Florida.

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