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Gas prices holding steady

July 7, 2003

Albany-- Gasoline prices have not soared this summer as predicted earlier this year. And many Georgians are hitting the road to take advantage of the level price of gas.

Janice Tillman and her family were filling up three cars with gas before heading to Mexico Beach, Florida for vacation.

Tillman said she expected summer gasoline prices to be around two dollars per gallon, and is happy to see them staying around one $1.25 a gallon.

"Oh, I'm very glad. Because we travel a good bit."

If the gas prices had gone up a good bit, do you think you would have cut back on your travel? "Probably not. We'd probably go anyway," says Janice.

The auto club AAA says July weekend trips of 50 miles or more are at their highest level in 9 years. That's up two percent over last year. Gasoline nationwide is averaging just under a $1.50 a gallon.

That's about a dime more expensive than last July.

You can check and report gas prices in South Georgia with WALB's Pump Patrol .

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