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10 Country: Cecil’s Successful Dream

July 8, 2003

Douglas, GA-- Many people like to know what their dreams really mean. Are they random thoughts or insights into the future?

A small manufacturing business on a hot afternoon where passion to build tools is hotter than a summer heat wave.

“Just blowing up a basket.” That sounds odd, but Cecil Holt takes piano wire, and creates a labor saving device that people far and wide can’t wait to get their hands on.

“By the latest account I've sold somewhere around 55,000,” he says.

He invented the Nut Wizard, a simple-looking wire cage that picks up pecans and other round objects, but leaves the leaves behind. “You have to be a total nut to start to work on something like this,” Cecil says.

Maybe so. He is an inventor. He holds a patent, and manufactures most of the Wizards himself, always trying to improve them one by one. “That would be similar to being a rabbit chiropractor, adjusting while he’s running.”

Always improving the little tool that seems so incredibly simple. A wire basket held by big nuts and bolts, and screwed into a stick. Cecil Holt got the idea for the Nut Wizard early on a Saturday morning-- when most of us were asleep.

“Right here laying on this bed sleeping. I had a very short dream.” That revealed that he should make a tapered wire basket. With that insight he finally had the key piece of information he had searched so long for.

But, not how to make it. “No instructions,” he says. That was the real hard part.

“It took eight years to put it together.” And thousands of hours of trial and error until he discovered how to take straight wires and bend them just the right amount.

With that revelation in a Saturday morning dream, Cecil Hold, a retired baker turned inventor, proves dreams can come true, when you pay attention to them.

Cecil says he hasn't had any more dreams since the one that provided the key element for his invention.

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