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Kids have some old fashioned fun

July 5, 2003

Cordele- There weren't any Gameboys or Playstation at Georgia Veterans State Memorial Park Saturday. Dozens of kids had fun playing some of the most primitive summer games.

The children competed in everything from tug-of-war to the ever popular egg toss, where winners five year old Cole Brown, and his three year old brother, Spencer, taught the older kids a thing or two about lobbing a raw egg.

Even those who lost had fun throwing around the traditional breakfast food. "It busted on the ground and I took the egg and poured it on my partner," admits Amber Stolze.

This is the twelfth year the park has hosted the old fashioned games, and rangers say even though they play traditional summer games they're glad temperatures are a bit cooler this year.

"We've had July fourths that were so hot that when an egg broke on the egg toss it started frying and sometimes frying on someone's shirt which gave a stain their mother probably had a time getting out," says Ranger Mike Goodwin.

But Saturday parents were all smiles as they watched their kids compete in one of the oldest southern contests, watermelon seed spitting.

Win or lose these kids proved you don't need electronic games to have some old fashioned summer fun.

Rangers say they have plans to add more contests to next year's old fashioned games, including those even more primitive than seed spitting.

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