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More women are playing golf

July 4, 2003

Albany--Golf is a challenging sport that people take up for different reasons. Some for leisure, some for fellowship and some for the competitive aspect of the game. More women are now joining in on the fun.

Abby Fitzgerald has only been playing golf for about a year and a half, but it seems to be a growing trend among women. "We've given her an opportunity to see if she really wants to play. I think she would enjoy it. It's a good sports for girls now. It's getting a lot more popular." say's Abby's mother Carol. Carol says she enjoys hitting the course with just the girls one morning a week and loves to cheer her friends on.

The ladies claim the sport is addictive as it certainly was for Abby after she sunk a hole in one. Carol said "she wasn't as excited as all the guys. It was like whoa!"

Abby hopes to play her way through college. "That's my goal. That's my main goal is to get a scholarship ride to a college." says Abby. For now she just wants to improve her game.

When asked if her mom usually wins when they play together, Abby said "Most of the time yeah, not always we have driving competitions like every time we tee up. Who can drive it the farthest. I give her a hard time when I beat her. A really hard time."

So ladies tee up. Don't be afraid to join women of all ages taking a swing at golf.

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