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The 4th means Barbecue

July 3, 2003

Albany-- An Independence Day celebration is just not complete without some down home barbecue.  White's is one of Albany's best barbecue Restaurants, and the man behind the meat, Chef Fred Edwards, is one of the reasons.

First he selects the meat. "They going to taste good when I get through with them. Real good!" exclaimed Edwards. "You are not going to need any sauce!" as he slaps a slab of ribs on the table. "You won't see any sauce around here."

The secret is in the seasoning. "I got some of my seasoning in here, some of his seasoning in here and a little shake. A little shake. The shake secret is in here."

The secret shake is lemon pepper, garlic, and, well-- the chef won't tell the rest. But he does have one tip. "The seasoning will go on pretty good. If you pick it up it will fall off. The secret is just baby it, just rub, then it's all in, it's not falling off."

After seasoning both sides of the meat it's time to let it marinate. "Now lock the secret in.... ssshhh."

A few hours later, the meat hits the grill. It's a slow cook at 330 degrees. When the meat's just right, it's time to cut into a slab. "This is my famous ribs that you really don't need sauce for!"

But he let me be the judge of that. And he was right! Why would you want to cook ribs when you can buy them this good?

"Now, do they need any sauce?" asked Fred.

"No, they are perfect," I said. "Thank you."

Perfectly delicious ribs, and as they say, the secret is in the seasoning. The grill at White's Restaurant  will get going again at 4:00AM Friday to cook more barbecue orders for July Fourth.

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