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Dog lovers put off by stray dog costs

July 2, 2003

Albany -- Some Albany dog lovers ran into a dilemma this week. Trying to save 5 abandoned puppies, but not having the 200 dollars to turn them over to the Humane Society. This is a problem that many people face.

8 week old Lady is lucky, she has a good home. Her 4 sisters are not so fortunate, at the Albany Humane Society. Mike McConell has taken in Lady, after a friend found the five puppies in a box on Newton Road Monday. When the dog lover tried to turn them in to the Albany Humane Society, he learned about the 40 dollar fee per dog.

McConnell said "He brought the puppies home after he found them. He washed them and fed them. Before he took them to the Humane Society, he was trying to find homes for them. But unfortunately no one wanted a puppy like that."

McConnell's friend called Animal Control, which picked up four of the puppies, while McConnell kept Lady. Animal Control took the puppies to the Humane Society. The shelter needs the money to keep up the 150 dogs and cats they have today. While McConnell and his friend can't afford 200 dollars, they were not willing to leave the abandoned puppies to die.

McConnell said "To rescue some puppies that somebody threw away, to charge somebody to take them somewhere they will be safe, I just don't understand it."

McConnell's daughter grabbed Lady and would not let animal control take her. Now she has a happy home, while her sisters hope to be adopted at the Albany Humane Society. It continues to struggle with a small budget.

The Albany Humane Society gets money from the city to take the dogs and cats brought in by the city's Animal Control officers. There is no animal control for Dougherty County.

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