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Racing is a family affair for Skip Nichols

July 1, 2003

Atlanta-At 55, Albany's Skip Nichols is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to his racing career.

Skip Nichols and his family meet at the Atlanta Motor Speedway every Thursday to watch  Skip s drive in the Legend's Masters series.

Skip's son Chris helps his father tune his legends car which is sponsored by his daughter's Hummer limosuine company along with Albany Beverage Company.

This family racing team is a winner with Skip Nichols driving to what he hopes will be a third straight Masters division season title.

 Nichols says a third straight season title is not going to be easy because the competition in his division is very tough.

Skip Nichols said "Alot more competition this year than we have had in the past. It used to two or three cars now it is five or six cars that we have got to contend with. We are getting a strong challenge from Mark Wallace who owns Japser Engines and has the 77 car on the Winston Cup."

Having his family share his success means just as much to Nichols.

He passed up a chance to ride on the NASCAR Sportsman's circuit 30 years ago because he wanted to stay at home to watch his children grow up.

It is a decision he has never regretted.

Skip Nichols said "I had two choices either go Winston Cup or Grand National at that time as it was referred to before Winston took over or follow my kids growing up and I decided to follow by kids up through all of their endeavours in school and I am glad that I did."

Skip Nichols has won the last two races and is now has the points lead in the Masters division.

The Atlanta Motor Speedway legends series runs every Thursday night through August 5th.

A spectacular firework show will follow the Legends raes on July 3rd.

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