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Tornado spotted in Colquitt County

July 1, 2003

Colquitt County - More strong winds knocked down trees and power lines in southwest Georgia. Storm survivor, H.A. Green, says, "It [storm] hit. Limbs were falling all over the house and it was rough for about ten minutes. " There are no reported injuries, but some people in Colquitt County do have some clean up work ahead.

A storm chaser spotted a tornado near the Colquitt Mitchell County line about 6:00 Tuesday evening. The Green family on Highway 37 in Hartsfield said they never saw a twister touch down, but they did see swirling dark clouds come toward their house.

After the storm, Susan Green found her trampoline against a tree and another tree on a power line. Her dad, H.A. Green, who lives across the street, had more damage. An oak tree crushed his pick up truck and buried a tractor. He explains, "It was raining and I was sitting out in the car reading a book waiting for the rain to stop. My grand kid came and told me about the tornado and we got up and went inside."

Also in Hartsfield, on Perryman Road, the Perryman family had three barns damaged by strong winds and heavy rains. The wind blew several tin barn roofs into a field. No one was injured.

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