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Tug of war over Hart continues

July 1, 2003

Albany- Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges will begin oral arguements against Woody Hart in Atlanta Wednesday.

Hart, a former Dougherty County Assistant Police Chief served more than two years in federal prison for bribery and perjury.

He was released in March, but Hodges wants him to serve three more months on state charges.

"The decision, in my opinion, is pretty clear cut. The well established case law is on the side if the state. So, I would expect them to reverse the trial court's decision and for the original sentence to be re-instated," says Hodges.

An Appeals Court judge says Ken Hodges went too far in trying to make sure Woody Hart serves time in state prison.

The court ruled that Hodges has no authority to subjugate an order of the Superior Court to his own will, and that Hodges "may not seek to impose a detainer against Hart or subject him to further imprisonment...and any attempt to do so is at Hodges' own risk."

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