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Airport construction on hold

July 1, 2003

Albany-- Construction on the million dollar cargo hold at the Albany airport is on hold...again.

Bulldozers and other equipment are idle next to the project site. A 400-thousand square foot parking space for cargo aircraft is being built. But since May the project has mostly been at a standstill.

Airport Director Richard Howell says the construction company, Wriley and Ephraim, is having money problems, "Right now we think we are going to have a problem with material and those are some issues that will be brought up in the not too distant future to find out if they have the wherewithal to get the job done."

Several creditors that supply Wriley and Ephraim with materials have called to complain that they haven't paid them for past projects. The project was suppose to be done in April. Howell says there is about 45 days worth of work left on Phase Two.

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