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South Georgia family moves into new home

July 1, 2003

Valdosta - New homeowners from the Jimmy Carter Work Project are moving in this week. Teresa Enyeart woke up bright and early, ready to pack and unload. "I got up this morning, started packing clothes, and headed over here as soon as I could," said Enyeart. "I couldn't wait to start moving."

With a little help from her Dad and brother, every box and piece of furniture should be unloaded by tonight. She'll spend the first night in her brand new three bedroom, two bath home. "It's so spacious and new, I just love it."

The single mother of two has lived with her mother for nearly 2 years. "There were seven of us living in a three bedroom house," said Enyeart. Now she and her kids will each have a room of their own. "I'm really excited about having my own bedroom and bathroom," said Enyeart. "And my kids are ready to start playing in their own rooms too."

Ninety degree temperatures and occasional rains made less than ideal moving conditions, but Teresa says its well worth the hassle. "I would move no matter what the weather was," said Teresa. "It's worth it all."

She's throwing her first housewarming party this weekend, a neighborhood barbecue for the 4th of July.

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