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Construction helps So. Ga. jobless rate

June 30, 2003

Albany-- Unemployment statewide was up in May, but in Southwest Georgia, more people were able to find work.

State Labor Department officials say the number of construction projects underway in Albany and Southwest Georgia show the region's economy continues to expand.

Across the state, job creation can not keep pace with layoffs and others looking for work. But Albany saw their unemployment rate fall two-tenths of a percent last month.

"I still think the outlook is going to be positive," said Michael Flowers of the Georgia Department of Labor. "We're not going to bust it wide open with 5% and 6% growth, but I do think we're looking at growth in the one or two percent range in our area."

Flowers said the unemployment rate in Albany would probably rise in June, because of the number of students and school system employees being added to the job rolls while school is out.

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