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Good and bad news on property taxes

June 30, 2003

Albany - Dougherty County and Albany commissioners vote not to increase property taxes. In a 4 to 2 vote, county commissioners decided against the proposed half-mil tax hike. But, you'll likely still see higher taxes because of a proposed 1.45-mill increase from the school board.

"We have nearly $9,000,000 in our rainy day, or reserve, fund," said Commissioner Lamar Hudgins. "Today is a rainy day, so let's us this money now and don't put a burden on our tax payers."

As time ran out, city commissioners also tentatively approved the budget. City property taxes will stay the same, too.  10 Albany charities will get the same amount of city money that they received in the past, thanks in part to those who break the law. Commissioners implemented a $15 municipal court processing fees. Some of the money generated will go to fund the charities, and the rest will go back to municipal court or into the contingence fund.

City commissioners must officially approve the budget Wednesday morning - a day past the deadline.

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