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Sycamore Mayor denied vote

June 30, 2003

Sycamore-- One vote could mean the difference on whether Sycamore has a police department.

The city council voted Thursday night three to two in favor of dissolving the one man department. Mayor Wayne Woodruff was denied a vote when one councilman questioned his right to do so.

Woodruff says the city attorney checked into it, and found Woodruff does have a vote--and he wants to keep the police department, "What could happen is the vote could be called back. Then if the vote goes and I stand with the opposing councilmen it could run into a three-three tie and it would die on the table."

Woodruff says he will not address the issue until the next called meeting, which is July 10th. The Turner County Sheriff's Department is patroling Sycamore.

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