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South Georgians head to Florida for fireworks

June 30, 2003

Jennings, FL - Business is booming at TNT Fireworks. "We've been preparing for this week since Memorial Day," said Mike Pittman.

This is the firework station's biggest sale week of the year. It's only Monday, and already, the customers are pouring in. "They've been making pretty big purchases, and that will increase as the week goes on," said Pittman.

Workers expect to sale about $100,000.00 in fireworks this week, with everything from sparklers to the big boomers. "We've got it all," said Pittman. "Roman candles, mortar shells, grenades, and anything you want."

John Clark traveled about 40 miles from Quitman to make his purchase. He's stocking up so he can light up the skies Friday night. "We've got some sparklers here, some sky rockets, and TNT rockets," said Clark.

Workers at TNT Fireworks always educate their customers on firework safety, so your 4th of July will not only be an exciting holiday, but also a safe one.

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