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Church celebrates patriotic Sunday

June 29, 2003

Albany- There were no robes Sunday for the Avalon United Methodist choir. Instead each wore patriotic scarves, and out of their mouths came some of the most well-known patriotic songs.

The service even included a Betsy Ross monologue and a presentation of past and current American flags. "They come in a set and start with the Queen Ann and then Grand Union and then the Betsy Ross, and Old Glory. We had five different ones today," explains Burt Shoemaker.

Shoemaker is also a veteran. He and nearly 50 other members were recognized for their service in the Armed Forces.

"It just feels great to have all the friends and knowing that this many people out of this congregation did serve in the United States military," says Navy Veteran, Ron Wolfe.

"These are the people that I know and that are close to me and its nice for those people to recognize that, and recognize the other people in the congregation. I just means a lot more," adds Navy Officer Torry Martin.

Martin is still active duty in the Navy and admits the patriotic service touches him in a special way. "It was very moving. I have a lot of friends that are still serving, a lot of friends that are overseas in the Persian Gulf right now. I worry about them every day, and I've lost a few friends, so it's very moving to have these people recognize that," he says.

Though the major fighting is over, this congregation isn't going to let that stop them from showing patriotism and celebrating servicemen.

There are currently two members of the Avalon United Methodist congregation that are still serving overseas.

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