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Zip Code change grace period to end

June 27, 2003

Albany -- The Postal Service changed nearly 50 Zip Codes in Southwest Georgia last July. The grace period to stop using your old Zip Code ends this month.

But the post office will still continue to deliver your mail, even if it doesn't have your new Zip Code.

If the bar reader for the Zip Code on your letter does not match, your letter is shifted into the rejection slot in one of the mail sorters at the Albany Post office, and has to be sorted by hand later.

Albany Postmaster Ron Bradley said "If they have not corrected their Zip Code with all their correspondence, that's where their mail will end up, in this reject bin. We'll have to take that mail work it by hand."

The grace period for the old changed Zip Codes that started with 317 ends July First. If you have not given the new Zip Code to your correspondents, it's time. But the post office will not stop delivering your mail even if the old Zip Code is used.

Bradley said "We've got a provision that will sort by the old Zip Code. Eventually this provision will go away, and at that point if they have changed their address with their correspondence, their mail will reject off our automated equipment and have to be sorted by hand."

Having the correct Zip Code helps the Post Office deliver your mail, and ends up saving you money. Bradley said "It helps us to keep costs down. If we keep costs down, rates don't go up."

The postal service has already informed most major mailers like utility companies, state and federal agencies, about the zip code change. If you have any question about your Zip Code, call or visit your local Post Office.

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