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City dissolves police department

June 27, 2003

Sycamore-- The council voted three to two to cut the one-man department and sell the two cars.

It costs about $75,000 to operate the department each year, and Councilman Leonard Coleman thinks it's too much money for the service the city has been getting. "Most of them I talked to said they didn't want a police department or didn't care, that's the people I talked to. So my opinion is use the money otherwise until further down the road."

The Sheriff's Department will be the city's only law enforcement. But Councilman Tom Dillon says it's not good enough now, because the Sheriff has withdrawn his offer to add a deputy just for Sycamore. "They haven't got enough to do it with, he's even told me that, even if we let him have it. But now they have to take it cause he resigned his contract. He's got to it because we pay county taxes here too."

Mayor Wayne Woodruff was not given a vote because one councilman thought Woodruff could only vote to break a tie. Woodruff says that's not true, but the City Attorney is looking into it.

If Woodruff does get to vote, he wants to keep the police department, therefore making it a three-to-three tie, and the issue would die on the council table.

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