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Lake Park Council tries to impeach mayor

City Councilman Russell Lane City Councilman Russell Lane
Mayor Keith Sandlin Mayor Keith Sandlin

June 27, 2003

Lake Park - Mayor Keith Sandlin has never conducted a city council meeting like this.

"We called a meeting tonight to remove a public official, and that public officials just happens to be me," said Sandlin.

Three out of four city council members voted to remove Sandlin from office. City councilman Russell Lane made the motion. "He's interfered with the jobs and duties of our zoning administration, and also harassed other employees, including the police chief," said Lane.

Lane wouldn't comment on the specifics of his accusations, but says the mayor has acted outside the scope of his office more than once. "It's part of our duty as in our charter that if something is wrong with the way our government's being run, we'll take care of it," said Lane.

But the mayor says this is personal. "It all boils down to I reprimanded a few employees for the way they did their job, they went back and told the council members, and that's where this is coming from," said Sandlin.

Many Lake Park residents turned out in support of the mayor, and doesn't know why the council wants him out of office. "The mayor in my eyes has done nothing wrong," said John Williams. "He has only helped the city, and this is all crazy."

The mayor says he won't let three city council members end his career. "The people of Lake Park put me in office and they'll put me out, not the city council," said Sandlin.

The evidence against Mayor Sandlin will be presented at a public hearing July 10th. According to the council's charter, council members will then take another vote. If the motion to remove him passes again, the mayor will have 10 days to appeal the council's decision to the Lowndes County Superior Court.

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