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Food rations stored at Marine Base

June 26, 2003
Albany-A Marine Corp Logisitics Base warehouse will soon hold more than a million food rations to send to other countries that need humanitarian assistance.

Workers are installing dehumidifying equipment that will help keep the temperature in the warehouse between 40 and 60 degrees so it can store food rations.

The warehouse is operated by the Department of Defense, which already stores other supplies here for overseas humanitarian efforts. Many of the rations coming to Albany are left over from the war with Iraq.

 "The ones that haven't been utilized will be returning here for storage," said Bill Lane with the US Department of Defense. "This will be the primary area for this particular type of rations in support of all humanitarian programs such as for earthquake, fires, man-made or natural disasters."

The department regularly sends medical and relief supplies to South and Central America, parts of Africa, and the middle east.

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