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Governor's Task Force gets "high" to fight drugs

GSP pilot Kevin Thompson GSP pilot Kevin Thompson

June 26, 2002

Coffee County - Members of the Georgia Governor's Task Force flew over the countryside Thursday morning looking for marijuana, to mark for destruction.

Every year from May to November, the task force is out searching for farmers of the illegal substance. This week, their search has led them to Coffee County.

Kevin Thompson is a Georgia State Trooper, and a pilot with the task force. He says it's disappointing when nothing is found. "It's awfully disheartening when you come in empty-handed at the end of the day," says Thompson. "When you've flown five to seven hours a day. You come in with nothing to show, it's sort of frustrating."

But not everyday is a disappointment. Earlier this week, around 200 marijuana plants were found. Thompson says, "It's rewarding when you do find some because you know you've gotten a little bit more off the street, and you've kept the kids and the people that are partaking of the illegal substance, you're taking it out of their hands."

Once marijuana is discovered, it is either destroyed or a member of local law enforcement or the task force keeps surveillance on it to find out who is growing the plant. With the help of the task force, those planting their crop of pot, won't be able to harvest it.

If you would like to report a marijuana grower to the Governor's task force, you can contact them at 1-888-259-5186.

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