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Bike safety practiced in Albany ride

June 26, 2003

Albany -- It's summertime, and lots of children are riding their bicycles these days. The Dougherty County Four -H Program hit the streets Thursday, to make sure their rides are safe ones.

11-year-old Glenda Croker and a dozen other kids let the rubber roll through the streets of downtown Albany, to make sure they knew the correct way to ride their bicycles.

It was the 13th annual Bike-Hike Rodeo, put on by the Dougherty County Four-H program. Croker said "To make sure their reflectors aren't dirty, and make sure they have a helmet, and try to have elbow pads and knee pads."

12-year-old Brittany Bridges has been riding bikes for years, but she admits she learned some new things in the Rodeo. Bridges said "The signs, all the kinds of signs. And the hand signals, and not to stop in the middle of the road, because there may be a car behind you. "

4-H program agent Anthony Jones said "We want to treat a bicycle as if they were driving a car. The first thing you do when you drive a car, you strap on a seat belt. The first thing you do before you drive a bicycle, you need to strap on a helmet."

Now these four-H'ers plan to share what they have learned with their friends, to keep them safe. The Four H-Bike Hike Rodeo ride went from downtown Albany to the Parks at Chehaw, where the kids enjoyed a picnic.

A safe bicycle ride is one of the joys of summer for kids of all ages. Most bicycle injuries can be prevented by checking the tires before starting your ride, and wearing a helmet.

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