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Wardogs may come to Albany

June 25, 2003

Albany - Another professional sports franchise may soon relocate to South Georgia.

The Wardogs, members of a league called Arena Football 2, are looking for a potential buyer. They hope that buyer is right here in Albany, even though Albany has had several professional athletic teams that have failed in the past.

Civic Center Marketing Director Tony Ford believes the Wardogs will be different. He says, this time, people in Albany are ready for entertainment. "I'm extremely encouraged," says Ford, "and I'm also very enthusiastic about this. Arena seems to be that right positive nitch."

The Wardogs will bring more than just football to Albany, they'll bring face painting, cheerleaders and the all American favorite of tailgating.

Mayor Tommy Coleman says entertainment isn't the only value the football team will provide. "It is an important ingredient in economic development to make sure there's adequate entertainment for businesses that want to locate here."

It will cost approximately one million dollars to bring the team to Albany. Tickets for the games could be as low as eight dollars apiece.

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