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Tifton lawyer has bond hearing scheduled

June 25, 2003

Tifton -- A Tifton lawyer, charged with four counts of theft by deception, will have a bond hearing Friday morning, seeking release from the Tift County jail.

56 year old David Roy Hege was arrested last Friday, and is being held without bond. He is charged with taking money from one client.

The Supreme Court May 23rd suspended Hege's license to practice law. His Tifton office is closed.

 At the State Bar Association's office in Tifton, administrator Bonne Cella is organizing dozens of complaints her office received against Hege from his clients.

Cella said "The complaints that we get, they all seem to have the same story. He would lie to the bankruptcy court about how much money he collected up front, and then collect again on their cases. Let their cases get dismissed. They would re file, and he would collect again."

Tuesday a review panel for the State Bar Association recommended David Hege be disbarred. His bond hearing will be held Friday morning.

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