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Wife writes a book about trucking

June 24, 2003

Thomasville - One day, a wife and mother gave her dogs to her grown children, sold her chickens, and hopped into a truck for adventure.

She and her husband have nine children, 18 grandchildren and another on the way. Perhaps understandably, the wife said she needed adventure. The adventure led to a book in her name.

"Bloomer Snatcher" and "Sweet Pea" hop on the "Double D." Off they go, two love birds behind the wheel of a KW truck. Donna Carver says, "At first I didn't like it, but now I wouldn't trade the world for it, it's an adventure."

She says on the CB, "Break 1-9 Southbound." Mrs. Carver, a one time city gal, hit the highway with Don, her truck driving husband. He laughs, "There goes my space."

Then he got used to the company. He adds, "Somebody to eat with and your not out here by yourself all the time." Mrs. Carver says she didn't want to be home alone and he didn't want to be out on the road alone.

The new trucking buddy started writing down truck lingo. She says, "I collected 480 some odd truck driving slang words and phrases that are funny and crazy."

Quirky slangs drove her to her first book, called "Truckin' Up ".

She says, "They [truckers] call weigh stations chicken coups, when they [inspectors] get under your truck and start checkin' your chickens, you'll be laying eggs all over the place."

The 99 page book talks about the ups and downs of truck driving. She thinks back and says, "I saw the crazy things people do driving around trucks and I used to do that, that was insane I could have gotten killed."

 Mr. Carver adds, "We're [truckers] taught how to deal with cars on highway, but nobody is telling cars how to deal with trucks."

The trucking wife says she now understands her husbands job. She adds, "There's terrible accidents, wonderful scenery, oh, the full gamut of emotions." So, off they go on the road again for more adventures and who knows maybe another book.

Mrs. Carver has been on the road with her husband for more than two years. You can order her book, "Truckin' Up ", at any bookstore. It should be on the shelves in a few weeks.

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