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Recent rains damage blueberry crop

June 24, 2003

Wayne Henson is spending this week harvesting his blueberry crop. "I's have to say it's been a pretty good season," said Henson.

But things could be better. When the season began, it looked like it would be the most fruitful in years. "I thought we were going to have more blueberries than we knew what to do with," said Henson.

But too much rain caused big problems with pollination. "Bees won't fly when its wet and we can't have proper pollination without those bees," said Henson. "Pollination's the key in getting a good crop."

The consistent downpours also damaged many of the ripe berries. "It split a lot of them and now the sun's trying to dry them out."

But despite this season's weather worries, Henson says he's seen worse, and isn't complaining. "We had a freeze come in last year that nearly wiped us out, and each year it's a different problem."

He's working sometimes 19 hour days to make sure every berry is picked. "We're doing it in the evenings to beat the heat, and we'll keep on trucking through the mud till we get them all," said Henson.

Henson hopes to be finished harvesting by July 4th.

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