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10 Country: Roadside detail

June 24, 2003

Tifton-- Most of us have seen those road signs telling the names of groups who volunteer to pick-up trash, but rarely do we see anyone out there doing it. 

Sometimes, a person who wants a cleaner world is misunderstood. “People get the perception that you're working off a DUI or something,” says Dedicated Volunteer Duncan McClusky.

He isn’t-- far from it. Duncan McClusky enjoys picking up what others throw away in the wrong places. Along roadsides, with a philosophical approach. “You can feel closer to nature out here,” right in the middle of our mess.

He gives streets and highways in Tifton a little pick-me-up almost every weekend, picking up just about anything Mother Nature can’t easily dispose of. He finds the usual fast food containers. Aluminum cans. And, fishing line that somehow got away from a fisherman. “There are a lot of cigarette butts.”

Naturally, Duncan doesn’t pick-up everything. He’ll leave old French fries for the ants to eat , and pine cones to grow more trees. “This first time I picked up King Road, I got 25 bags of trash as I remember it.”

 Big grocery bags, too. Now, he picks up about two bags’ worth, and that’s just on one road. He takes care of many more. “I have seven roads to work on,” McClusky says.

You heard right. He keeps seven roads clean and beautiful. Between January and May of 2003, Duncan McClusky donated 44 hours of his time, walked 31 miles cleaning up behind us. Why his obsession with the trashy side of life?

Duncan worked as a volunteer for the Peace Corps, where he spent several years in Africa where he noticed villagers kept their areas really clean. That made a lasting impression on him.

So, he does more than his part to keep not one, but seven roads clean, “I’ll probably pick up another one tomorrow.” Donating his time to put our trash in the bag. 

 One interesting item he found was a big aluminum satellite dish. He rolled it to a pick-up point, and before he knew it, someone had picked it up and carried it away.

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