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A local hero is awarded for helping save a man's life

June 23, 2003
Lee County- Albert Ortiz fits the description of most heroes. 
He's not looking for recognition and he wants to avoid the spotlight.

"I saw a situation and I did what I thought was part of the job," Ortiz.

Friday, Daniel Wise was in the frozen foods section of this Lee County Winn Dixie when Jonathan McCorkle walked up and attacked him with a serrated knife. Ortiz knocked an ice cream scoop display on McCorkle.

 "I did something I hope someone would do for me someday if it ever occurred."

Monday, the Lee County Sheriff's office awarded him with a Good Citizen award.

 "Fortunately, somebody kept his head about his shoulders and made some attempt to intervene," said Lee County Investigator Geoffrey Smith.

Ortiz's wife knew when she heard about the attack that her husband was involved. "He's just that kind of person," said Linda Ortiz.

"It something bad happens, he's going to make it right."

Ortiz has been in the grocery store business for six years, but he's never seen anything like what he saw Friday.

"I hope it's the last time."

But if he does, like most heroes, quick-thinking and bravery would likely take over.

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