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College students against affirmative action decision

June 23, 2003

Albany -- It was a split decision from the Supreme Court, but the Justices ruled in favor of affirmative action at colleges. The court is letting colleges give minority applicants an edge when applying.

But we found that most students at one Albany college don't think race should be a factor in getting into college.

Darton College sophomore Genotria Sims is working on her early childhood education degree. When she applies next year at a four year University, she does not want her skin color to determine if she is accepted.  "The people that are qualified and can pass the course of study should be the ones to get in. It should not towards race or anything like that, it should be towards the one that can fit the prospective for a college student."

Most students we talked to at Darton College agreed with Genotria. They think affirmative action is not the right idea.

Kent Ricker said "Instead of closing race relations, you are opening them up more. And driving a wedge between the races because now it becomes a competition instead of people looking at a person, now we are focusing on black and white again."

Valerie Bozeman said "We have some students from foreign countries who excel at some areas, and we have some students here who excel at different areas. As far as what color they are, I think that's irrelevant."

But Tawaskee Hill, who hopes to go to law school, hopes affirmative action will help make his dream come true.  "If the person is qualified, if they want to get their education, there is a way they can get in, I'm all for it."

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of affirmative action at colleges, but can not be used as too big a factor in picking students.

The Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 to uphold affirmative action to give minority students an edge when applying for admission. But the justices struck down the school's use of a point system to achieve quotas.

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