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Fireworks under lock and key

June 22, 2003

Albany - July 4th is just around the corner, and the city of Albany is getting ready to put on a show.

If you liked what you saw last July 4th, get ready for another amazing display of fireworks. Albany public works is getting ready for an awe-inspiring show.

Dale Henry is the coordinator for the pyrotechnics display, and he says this year's show will be one to remember. "I think we put on a great show," Dale says.

The exhibit includes more than 400 different fireworks, and that doesn't even include the grand finale.

With that many explosives on hand, the city has to undertake special measures to keep them secure. Since September 11th, and the war on terrorism, the ATF has enforced strict regulations. All fireworks must remain locked in a private facility until the big night.

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