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Horse shot in broad daylight; neighbors fear safety

June 21, 2003

DOUGHERTY COUNTY - A horse was shot just before 4:00 along Bennett Road, a highly populated residential area in Eastern Dougherty County.

Witnesses told Dougherty County Police they heard one gun shot, then saw a black male wearing red shorts and a white tee-shirt run into a mobile home. At the same time, they saw the more than 10-year-old horse stumbling and eventually fall.

The horse was grazing in a small pecan grove owned by Hugh Smith. It sits between a mobile home park and Bennett Road, which is lined with homes.

"Had the horse not been hit and the bullet continued on the path it was on, it could very well have hit one of us or someone else who was outside,"  Bernice Paige said. "I think it is very dangerous and I don't understand why someone would do something like that."

Paige was outside when the shooting happened. Her nephews were mowing the lawn. She described the horse as "gentle" and one that the neighborhood "children loved."

No arrests have been made.

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