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Harry Potter madness grips Albany

June 21, 2003

ALBANY - Harry Potter madness took over Albany Friday night with parties lasting into the wee hours of the morning.  Anticipation for the fifth book in it's series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, was the culprit of all the anticipation excitement.

Hundreds of people formed one long line throughout Books-A-Million waiting for 12:01a.m., the earliest the novels could even be removed from the store room.

"I'm just really excited," Rachel Lane said as she was waiting, first in line.  "I'm just really anxious to get the book."

Store employees began a countdown at midnight with customers loudly joining in. At three seconds until 12:01, the place went wild.

The one line turned into four.  Books hardly touched the bags, though, before they were ripped out and tossed through.

Books-A-Million sold all 300 copies they had in stock but expect more in by Monday. 8.5 million copies will be printed in the U-S alone, making an all-time printing record.

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